Monday, October 29, 2012




1.     Describe the overall composition of your artwork (balance, unity, rhythm and movement).
2.     How did you add texture and contrast to your print? Is this important? Why?
I added texture by using different thicknesses and shapes of lines arranged in different patterns. The differences in the textures made them contrast. It's important because it makes the piece interesting to look at, and defines different objects.

3.     Explain how you used positive and negative space to show your image.
White areas, open space, and small details were shown with negative space, like the highlights of the eyes and beak, and the parrot's face and feathers. Positive space/ink was used to show large, solid, and usually colorful areas.
4.     Describe the craftsmanship of your print. (How good the project is technically crafted
Overall its good, but there's a smudge and there's not enough ink in some places.

5.     Were you able to achieve depth by showing a foreground, middle ground and back- ground? Explain.
Yeah, the parrot is the foreground, the tree branch is the middle ground, and the vines/open space is the background.
6.     Explain your experience with Printmaking. What were the obstacles and advantages?
 one of the obstacles was that ink was getting in the small lines and not showing up in some.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chalk Mural Critique
1. Explain your experience working on a team and executing your ideas for the mural.
I've always had serious problems working in groups/with partners because of my mental issues, so it was a challenge and I didn't enjoy it at all (that's not new though). don't really want to go into detail
2. Explain the importance of collaboration when working on a team.
Without collaboration, each team member's ideas would clash and nothing would get done.
3.  How successful was this project? Explain how and why.
Our final product was really good and I think it was generally a success. There were no major obstacles.
4. Explain how you feel about creating artwork that others can interact with. Ex. Involving the whole school? 
it's cool I guess, I don't know?
these critique things don't make a lot of sense to me and I have trouble with writing, sorry
Print Sketch Critique

1. Why is texture so important to have in your sketches?
 If they don't have texture, they won't look good on the final print. It won't be interesting to look at without different styles in each area.

2. Why is it neccessary for you to have several references of each animal and each background? Explain.
You need to know how the animal and its textures look from different angles and such. The same goes for backgrounds. You may also want to differ it from one picture and mix elements from different images.

3. When you look at your sketches are you able to see which sketch is the strongest and will make the best print? How do you know this? 
Yeah, I think my parrot sketch was the best because it had bold lines, good detail, and a variety of textures that will stand out on the final print. the toucan and the fish were kind of plain.